Supporting Bitcoin Development in Francophone Africa: One of PlanB Network's Missions!

Supporting Bitcoin Development in Francophone Africa: One of PlanB Network's Missions!

Since its pre-launch last October, PlanB Network has had the opportunity to support three educational initiatives on Bitcoin in Francophone Africa: the development of the Bitcoin community in Benin, the support of the Bitcoin conference in Dakar, and the start of an ambitious collaboration with Kinve Éclair in Congo!

Educational Journey to Ghana!

PlanB Network continues to make its mark in the Bitcoin ecosystem by actively supporting projects in Francophone Africa. Most recently, the Bitcoin community in Benin, led by @Loïc, was able to benefit from PlanB's sponsorship to participate in the BTC Conference in Ghana. This international conference gathers every year all the pioneers of the industry who wish to build.

It was an opportunity for Loïc and his team to meet key figures in the industry and to forge connections between the various Bitcoin nations present.

Moreover, the support provided to the Beninese delegation is particularly significant in a context where the government has banned the organization of their own conference, "Mastering Bitcoin". By supporting the participation of local developers in international events, PlanB Network champions access to information and education for all, regardless of the political obstacles that may arise.

The government's cancellation of their own conference underscores the importance of these events once again. In a context where information is becoming less accessible and Bitcoin gatherings are almost banned under false pretexts, supporting this educational journey for an entire delegation of enthusiasts seemed essential to us! We hope that the political situation will stabilize in Benin and that next year, we will be able to support not only an educational trip but also the "Mastering Bitcoin" conference itself.

Bitcoin Dakar: The Francophone Bitcoin Conference!

While all eyes were on the Anglophone conference in Ghana last year, the Francophone conference in Dakar (Senegal) was a real success for its second edition.


Led by Mouhamadou Kouta, PlanB Network was pleased to provide support as a financial partner, enabling this conference to continue to grow. This initiative is part of a broader effort to promote knowledge and awareness of Bitcoin in the region. Indeed, the team did not focus solely on the reasons why Bitcoin might increase in value or on Bitcoin's circular economy, but rather on its adoption by small and medium-sized Senegalese businesses. A reality check on slow but continuous adoption on the ground.

Our participation in local events like this perfectly reflects the importance we place on strengthening local communities. By fostering education and awareness of Bitcoin, we help to democratize access to this technology and encourage its adoption throughout Francophone Africa.

PlanB's Commitment to Congolese Bitcoin Education

Finally, this year, PlanB Network will begin a close collaboration with the Congolese association Kevineclaire, led for years by Gloire with success. The goal is to formalize a multidisciplinary educational program that will follow the Congolese community throughout the year. This ambitious program aims to teach Bitcoin to various segments of the population:

  • Activists, with a focus on privacy and practical use.
  • Local developers, to provide them with Bitcoin knowledge.
  • Investors, to combat the numerous scams related to crypto.
  • The general population, to address preconceptions related to speculation and scams.

Regular meetups are already underway in the region, offering participants the opportunity to learn more about Bitcoin and to share their knowledge with other community members. With the acquisition of a Bitcoin center, Kevineclaire intends to continue growing and supporting its local mission of Bitcoin guidance. PlanB Network is pleased to drive this initiative forward with our educational resources, logistical, and financial support.


Supporting Where the Need Exists!

At PlanB, we recognize that Bitcoin represents a global revolution towards freedom. Africa, being the fastest-growing population in the world, is an essential core for Bitcoin education for adoption. The initiatives supported during the pre-launch of PlanB Network seemed important for the Francophone African community, often overlooked by the international community.

In a geopolitical context where several North African countries (Morocco, Algeria, etc.) have banned Bitcoin, it is crucial to hold the line and push for education where it is still possible to do so. PlanB commits to continuing to support these projects throughout 2024 and wishes the best to the local pioneers!

- Rogzy