About this site

Our mission:

We are committed to supporting local Bitcoin communities through education and open-source networking. We collect, organize, and create the necessary resources such as courses, books, posters, flyers, and videos to foster the development of the Bitcoin industry.

We centralize knowledge to disseminate it more effectively through a simple, multilingual GitHub repository and an online learning platform. We also support local Bitcoin hubs in their growth by providing them with the necessary tools to develop their skills.

Our commitments:

Our commitments to the Bitcoin community are as follows:
• Remain open-source
• Provide high-quality educational content
• Translate our content into as many languages as possible
• Support Bitcoin builders on their entrepreneurial journey

Our story:

The PlanB Network is an initiative aimed at promoting Bitcoin education globally. It is the result of collaboration between different companies passionate about Bitcoin, education, open-source software, peer-to-peer networks, and community building. Together, they created the PlanB Network to provide the Bitcoin ecosystem with the necessary tools for its expansion. You can watch our presentation of the 2023 version here.

The heart of the team:

The PlanB Network consists of a dynamic collective of hundreds of contributors, teachers, community leaders, designers, developers, and organizers. We express our deep gratitude to all those who have contributed to making PlanB a reality and who continue to support it daily.

Partner companies:

The PlanB Network is the result of a collaboration between three entities dedicated to the development of Bitcoin. By uniting our strengths in the field of Bitcoin education, we created the PlanB Network. To achieve our goal of providing global Bitcoin education, many other entities have decided to join us and contribute to our cause. We are very grateful for their support.

To learn more about our team and partners, please visit this page